Kanye West announces he will run for US president in 2020

Rapper utilizes Independence Day to make declaration, however it's not satisfactory in the event that he has documented any official administrative work to show up on polling forms

Exactly when you figured 2020 couldn't get any more peculiar, rapper Kanye West pronounced his application for US president.

The impossible challenger to Donald Trump – of whom he has been a vocal supporter – and Joe Biden, picked American autonomy day to make the unexpected declaration on Twitter, setting off a web based life storm.

"We should now understand the guarantee of America by confiding in God, bringing together our vision and building our future," West composed. "I am running for leader of the United States."

The post was joined by a stars and stripes banner, a shout imprint and "#2020VISION". His better half, Kim Kardashian West, answered to the tweet with an American banner.

With only four months to go before surveying day on 3 November, it was not satisfactory whether West's tweet would have been more fitting on April Fools' day than American Independence Day.

Nor was it clear whether the 43-year-old had recorded any official administrative work to show up on state political race polling forms. The cutoff time to add free contender to the voting form has not yet gone in numerous states.

Be that as it may, after specialist and unscripted television star Trump won the White House in 2016, maybe the possibility of Kim Kardashian as first woman could be written in the stars as America's destiny.

Furthermore, West, a 21-time Grammy grant champ, got a prompt underwriting from Elon Musk, the CEO of electric-vehicle producer Tesla and another VIP known for offbeat upheavals, who tweeted in answer: "You have my full help!"

A West-Musk ticket isn't what anybody was expecting in a political decision that has just conveyed a cornucopia of the unforeseen.

West and his significant other have visited Trump in the White House to talk about jail change. At one strange gathering in 2018, West wore a red "Make America Great Again" top and articulated words, for example, "mother lover" and "interminable measures of universe". He said Trump caused him to feel like Superman, embraced him and proclaimed: "I love this person directly here."

Inquired as to whether West could be a future presidential applicant, Trump answered: "Could in all likelihood be."

West answered: "Simply after 2024. We should quit stressing over what's to come. All we truly have is today. We simply have today."

For sure, the rapper has glided running for president previously. In January a year ago, a tweet that said just "2024" was deciphered as a sign that he would run for the White House that year.

West was scrutinized a week ago in the wake of pronouncing: "I am so pleased with my excellent spouse Kim Kardashian West for authoritatively turning into a very rich person." She had sold a stake in her excellence image for $200m. Be that as it may, he additionally earned acclaim for discharging a solitary about prejudice and religion.

In the event that he ran, West would follow in a long custom of autonomous or outsider crusades testing the Democratic and Republican stranglehold. In 1992, Ross Perot, an offbeat Texan very rich person, took 19% of the vote. In 2000, Ralph Nader's Green gathering took under 3% however was broadly accused for costing Democrat Al Gore the administration.

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